Should You Prune a Cedar in the Spring

March 23rd, 2023
Should You Prune a Cedar in the Spring

There is an old saying in gardening regarding pruning. The best time to prune is when your blades are sharp. By that we mean, in general, you can prune whenever you want. But there are some advantages to pruning your cedar hedging in the late winter or spring—or right now. 


Most people prune cedar hedging in the summer. This is because by that time, you will clearly see all the new growth and can trim what you want to keep it looking tidy. One advantage, however, of pruning earlier, like when it’s still cold, is that the shrubs are more disease resistant, and you are less likely to have diseases enter the shrub through the cut ends. The trimmed hedge has plenty of time to heal before it gets very hot. 

Looking Ahead 

If you trim in the spring or late winter, then you will be trimming before you get new growth. Your hedge may look a little shaggy over the summer, but the hedge may be healthier by pruning last year’s growth in the spring. 

Trim Anyway 

It is not necessary to trim hedges several times per year. But you should always cut off diseased, dead, or broken branches no matter when it is during the year. The most important point here is to trim once during the year, and then only on an as-needed basis for the reasons mentioned above. Cedar hedges are sturdy and will respond well to pruning no matter when that is. 

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