When Is the Ideal Time to Trim Cedar Hedges?

November 22nd, 2022
en Is the Ideal Time to Trim Cedar Hedges?

Most trees and shrubs have a best time of the year for pruning and cedars are no exception. The best time to prune cedar hedges is late summer, like August. That said, there is an old saying in gardening, that the best time to prune anything is “when your blades are sharp.” In today’s blog article we’re going to talk about pruning. 

With cedar shrubs, pruning stimulates new growth, so summer is the best time to prune. Be aware, however, that pruning stimulates new growth at the tips of branches and the top, not the bottom. So, be careful where you prune. Yews are the only conifers that will put out new growth on old wood after pruning. 

Exceptions to the summer rule 

One exception to the summer pruning rule is a broken branch. If you have a broken branch that needs pruning, prune it at any time of year. Do not leave a torn branch in place for several months until the summer. Prune as needed. 

Also, sterilize your pruners by wiping the blades off with alcohol before starting to prune. This is an important practice for all pruning of anything in the yard and prevents passing a disease from one plant to another. 

Prune flush with the trunk if you are removing a whole branch or just beyond a node if you are not removing a whole branch. This allows the cut end to heal faster than if you prune mid-branch. 

Annual Pruning for Desired Shapes

Cedar hedges heal quickly when pruned in the summer. And if you want a specific shape, then you will likely have to prune them yearly. 

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Pacific West Cedars, based in Langley, British Columbia, farms, supplies, and installs cedar hedging on the Lower Mainland. They offer two kinds of cedars plus boxwoods: Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata), and Emerald Cedars (Thuja occidentalis “Smaragd”). They work with landscapers, contractors, and also directly with the public. 

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