Why Hedge Cedars Are a Great Natural Privacy Solution

July 27th, 2023
Why Hedge Cedars Are a Great Natural Privacy Solution

Hedge cedars are a great natural privacy solution for several valuable reasons. In today’s blog article, we are going to list for you some of the main reasons why hedge cedars are such a good choice. 

Some people need or want a fence and then put a row of hedge cedars on the inside of the fence. Sometimes a fence is needed because of children or pets, but when a cedar hedge grows in, it will be very thick, and not something that a person could pass through. 


The first advantage of the hedge cedar over a fence is that it looks better. Wouldn’t you rather look at a living green hedge rather than a static fence? The hedge is warmer looking than a bare fence. 


Your cedar hedge is good for the environment. Your hedge uses carbon dioxide and excretes oxygen. So, the hedge is good for the air we breathe. But the hedge also serves as a source of both food and shelter for birds, butterflies, moths, and some small mammals. Your hedge will become a living breathing ecosystem. 


The hedge will turn into something very dense that no one can see or pass through. It is excellent for privacy. And if you take care of it, watering, pruning, and mulching it, it will continue to thrive and out-live the service life your fence. The hedge is also evergreen, so the privacy will continue all year round. 

Hedge cedars are a fabulous choice for a privacy solution, and you can plant them anywhere, not just at your property line. They can give you privacy around a seating area, a deck, a pool, or anywhere you want some extra peace and quiet. 

For new cedar hedging, give us a call on the Lower Mainland at (778) 241-5664. This is our business and area of expertise. 

Pacific West Cedars, based in Langley, British Columbia, farms, supplies, and installs cedar hedging on the Lower Mainland. They offer two kinds of cedars plus boxwoods: Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata), and Emerald Cedars (Thuja occidentalis “Smaragd”). They work with landscapers, contractors, and also directly with the public. 

If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about cedars, we encourage you to call us at (778) 241-5664.


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