Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar trees are a great way to provide a bushy-shaped hedge to any property. They are generally used in large yards or farms. 

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The western red cedar is also known as 'Thuja Plicata' and is a type of fast-growing cedar. Unlike emerald cedar trees, which tend to be slimmer and taller, western red cedar trees are a lot more stout. 

They are often seen on a farm and used to prevent wild animals from intruding. This is because these bushes release an unpleasant odor (although not noticeable for humans) which often keeps coyotes, skunks, raccoons, and other animals away. 

If you need more than 10 trees, please contact us. Our trees can be professionally installed by us or planted by yourself.

SIZES: 6-8 ft

Pacific West Cedars guarantees a quality product on delivery and or installation. After installation or delivery is completed, watering, weather, property drainage and bugs and insects can all cause trees to die. Due to the fact that this is completely out of our control, we do not warranty dead cedars. In the interest of working with our customers, we offer a discounted price on replacements. What factors into our discounted price is the customers location, amount of trees, size of trees, and timing after install. Please reach out before purchasing if you have further questions on our warranty policy.