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Welcome to hedges 101, our knowledge resource center. This is where we focus on informing and educating readers on how to properly install and maintain a cedar tree. If you have any questions about cedar trees, this is where you can find the answer. To get started, please choose the section you are looking for:

How to Install a Cedar Tree:

We have a simple 4-step installation process for cedar trees that everyone can follow. Our guide will tell you exactly how big of a spot to dig, where to dig, what kind of soil to use, and the right spacing for multiple hedges. It is very easy to follow while planting and will take the headache out of it.

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Our FAQ is a valuable resource for those still gathering information on cedar trees. Here you will find everything you need to know about our installation process, delivery time, warranty, and more.

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Our Blog:

Our blog shares tips from our team of experts when it comes to cedar trees. We cover the backstory of different kinds of cedar trees, tips for maintaining your cedar trees, and plenty of other useful information.

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