The Story of Pacific West Cedar

Pacific West Cedar was founded with a focus on providing consumers with the ability to purchase premium cedar trees directly from a farm. We have paired that with an emphasis on providing friendly and informative support to those in need. Throughout our companies history, we have worked hard to help Canadian citizens directly from our tree loading yard in Langley.

Our company starts with our owner, Andy Sandhu, who has been in the business for over 11 years. Through this time he has established meaningful relationships with local landscapers, homeowners, contractors, and more. His focus is currently on keeping the team efficient with their busy schedules and making sure all of his customers are happy.

Behind Andy is a team of wonderful employees who all understand and implement our company vision and focus. Everyone from the customer support team to the delivery team, to the installation team, is on the same page when it comes to providing helpful support. This dream team has the confidence and experience needed to turn your dream of a backyard paradise into a reality.

However, no business would exist without customers. Our story will always be determined by our customers. That is why we take the time needed to fully understand their plans and aspirations for each unique project. This mutual understanding serves as the bedrock for the comprehensive service we strive to provide.

It is through our close customer relationships that we can continue to cultivate our story. Every successful installation brings as much excitement to us as it does to our clients. We do our best work to ensure that every job is done according to plan and that it is glowingly approved. 

If you have any questions about cedar trees, contact us and we'll be happy to help.